About us



At Factory of Ideas, we have been playing board games for a very long time. We love the way they entertain and bring people together. At some point in time we decided to share this passion and started our own board games shop - Cube. Today we own a whole chain of shops in Poznan where you can always find something suitable for yourself (with a little help of our well-qualified advisers, of course).

Meanwhile we have taken part in translation and publication of the first Polish-edition of well-known Munchkin. We have also created few interactive games which are compatible with the electronic dice – DICE+.

So, as you can see, the next, very natural step for us was setting up the publishing company – Factory of Ideas.

Using our experience, knowledge and passion, we would like to give you the best quality products. And by “quality” we don't only mean the highest standard of production, but most of all – the fact that all games that we offer, will be the best of their kind. We hope they will bring you many hours of fun and pleasure.


Factory of Ideas Team