A huge meteor containing some form of extra-terrestrial life crashes to Earth somewhere in the icy wasteland of Antarctica. The American government sets up a secret facility whose goal is to contain and examine these new and unfamiliar lifeforms — but something goes wrong. The alien microbes escape and begin to spread and conflict with each other, while the station's human inhabitants rapidly succumb to the cold. The last survivor, afraid of what the microbes could do to humanity, initiates a self-destruction procedure. There are four minutes left...

Chromosome is an asymmetrical, tactical board game. As an alien microbe, unaware of your impending doom, you struggle to survive and to escape the laboratory. You will spawn your microbe, fight other microbes, manipulate energy, create radioactive spaces, and finally mutate – to get new genes (four different types) that will help you to fight better, grow faster, and overcome your opponents. Your goal is to create the most effective set of genes to thrive in an environment that might be different each time you play.

Fast and exciting gameplay powered by deep but intuitive mechanics are the most notable features of the game. If you like games that require tactical skills, that give you an opportunity to fight other players, games that are highly replayable and give you completely different but balanced factions to play with – Chromosome is a game for you! 


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