Day is coming to the end, a local NEWSPAPER’s PHOTOGRAPHER sits bored in his a partment, and looks out the window, OBSERVING an empty courtyard. Suddenly something grabs his attention. A POLICEMAN suspiciously looking around, is dragging a red CARPET behind his back. Carpet that leaves a strip of red, fresh blood on the ground behind him.

Do you like to solve criminal puzzles? Do you love to read criminal novels? In Crime Story: Detectives without License you’ll have a chance to create your own, fascinating stories. This innovative card game will take you to the world of dark alleys, investigations, honorable detectives and shady villains. Only the one of you who can protect his own cards, who is creative enough to lead the plot of the story in a way that helps him best and observant enough to predict what other players have on their hands will be able to win! Also remember about the hidden murderer who will try to sneaky outrun everyone before the end...



Crime Story: Detectives without License is:

• an innovative card game where players together tell criminal stories

• a game full of competition and emotions that will give you a lot of fun

• a perfect tool for creativity training

• filled with beautiful, atmospheric illustrations drawn by Konrad Kwiatkowski

• simple but challenging game with many additional variants