Once more, conflict rages across the world of Aerim. You are one of the Eternals – a group of immortals forever waging war from shadows. Call forth your champions to battle against those of your timeless foe. Harness the legacy of each champion’s deed as they echo across time to empower the next. For the Champions of Aerim, this cycle continues, as it always has and always will. For the Eternals, there is only... Strife. 


Strife is a great, beautifully illustrated two-players card game in which players have to build long-time strategy, create the most effective combination of abilities and predict your opponent’s moves. Strife has almost no random factor, innovative tie-breaking mechanism and very exciting gameplay. 

In Strife, you’ll find:

simple rules with a huge variety of possible options

high quality production with large-scale cards (80x120mm)

almost no randomness

a lot of bluffing

dynamic and exciting game-play

high replayability 


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