Top A Top Family is a family party game for 3-6 players, aged 4 and above. The gameplay time depends on the number of players and takes between 15 and 30 minutes. It is a simple and very dynamic game, where you will have a chance to use yo dexterity, observation and quickness.
During the game you subsequently put cards in the middle of the table and react appropriately to the pictures on the cards played. A player who does that better(quicker, more accurate or without making a mistake) than others – wins that challenge and collects that card.
Top a Top: Family is a new game in our best-selling Top a Top line. This time it has been redesigned and adjusted to play even with the youngest children. Completely new graphic design, various challenges and modified rules will give you tons of fun! Doesn't matter if you play  with 4 years old, your adult friends or grandparents - it is always great!