Top A Top


If you love when a lot is going on at the table, if you like dynamic and fun tabletop games with tons of laughing, Top A Top will be a perfect choice for you! Remember symbols and matching reactions as fast as you can, focus and try not to confuse them, when they will be revealed at the table one by one. Only the one who’s the most observant and has quickest reactions can be victorious.
Top A Top is a great and fun game for everyone, that will liven up every party and make everyone laugh hard. Simple rules that can be thought in a minute and very addictive game-play are it’s biggest advantages!
The first print has become a Polish best-seller, which was acclaimed abroad and was honored with a „Game of the year” title in Romania. Now it hits the market again in new, re-designed international edition.
In Top A Top you’ll find:
quick, fun and exciting game-play
3 different difficulty levels
thick and firm tiles in a round tube that will help you to bring the game anywhere you want
a chance to practice your concentration, memory and your ability to react fast